What Makes Node.js the Pick of Technologies for Application Developers?

JavaScript across the stack combines the language and data format. This allows you to use the developer resources in more optimized manner. An example of one such javascript runtime environment built on chrome’s V8 javascript engine is Node.Js. The main intention was to create real time websites with push capabilities and Node.js offers a developer the freedom to work in the non-blocking, event-driven I/O paradigm. This ultimately resorts to the convenience where both the client and the server can initiate communication. This allows them to exchange data and inputs better. Before this web applications were based on the stateless request-response paradigm. Such solid advantages makes Node.JS a decisive factor in the technology stack of many high profile companies who have built their brands using it. As one of the top node.js development company let us explain to you the several advantages it can offer to your web application development.


Node.js can easily handle a large amount of connections simultaneously in a non-blocking manner while being employed as a server side proxy. It comes handy when you need to collect data from multiple source points and proxying different services with different response times. While dedicated proxy servers are in practice as well but node js has the advantage if the proxy infrastructure you are using is non-existent or if you need a solution for local development. This means you can build a client-side app with a Node.JS server for assets and proxifying/stubbing API requests while during development you can handle such interactions with a dedicated proxy services.

Prioritizing API Over Object DB

Node.JS is a perfect fit for building real time applications at the same time it is also the perfect fit for exposing data from object DBs. Json stored data assists to the pace of Node.js eliminating problems like impedance mismatch and data conversion. Method of Rails requires you to convert JSON to binary models and expose them back as JSON over the HTTP when the data is used by react.js, Angular,js. On the other hand Node.JS can simply expose your JSON objects with a rest API for the client to consume. This avoids the need for multiple conversions by using uniform data serialization format across the client, server and database.

Queued Inputs

Your database can become a bottleneck if you are receiving a high amount of concurrent data. Node.JS comes to the rescue by taking responsibility of the concurrent connections themselves.

However if the action of database access is blocking the operation, that could be a liability to the code. This is resolved by analyzing the clients behaviour before the data is written into the database. This enables efficient load handling as the system maintains its responsiveness even in the case of heavy load which is a smart alternative whenever the client doesn’t need a confirmation of the data write. Data is queued through some kind of caching or message queuing infrastructure by separate database batch write process.

System Monitoring Dashboard

The Node.js event loop allows us to create a powerful web-based dashboard that checks service status in an asynchronous manner and pushes data in clients using websockets. Intracompany and public service can be reported live and in real time using the brilliance of Node.js. This gives the comfort to any Network Operations Center (NOC) applications which serve monitoring purposes in telecommunications operator, cloud / network / hosting provider or any financial institution as they can all run on the open web stack backed by Node.JS and websockets rather than java and/or java applets.

Resolving Database Queries

NoSQL database like MongoDB, CouchDB to have their database queries written in javascript framework. This eliminates the liability on the part of the developers the need to modulate any syntax difference when combining the Node.JS and NoSQL database. The JSON stored data format enables it to run smoothly without any obstructions that might come in the form of data conversions. This is what enables Node.JS to run smoothly real time web apps so smoothly. Also the Node Package Manager is capable of offering more than 60000 modules and is on the verge of beating ruby in that department.

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Why should you chose Angular for your next Web App

Today programmers are constantly looking for platforms with better readability, automaticity, and extensibility which led to the innovation of new techniques. A framework with robust features and which can cop with future up gradation.

Angular JS is developed by Google and it brings a lot of advantages for designer and programmers such as-

Dynamic Client side programming-Dynamic client-side programming, unlike usual HTML, gives a great mode of expression to interact with a user with desired content.

Let’s discuss some of the remarkable advantages Angular brings

User JavaScript language-It is user extended JavaScript which made it easy to learn. So for all those who know HTML won’t take much time to understand the basics of Angular.

Single page application-Angular offer single page app with reloading on the same page for ads on this increases speed and reduce coding efforts.

Data Binding-Two day’s data binding help to display real-time data such as Stock traded and consumption figures.

Easier testing-Testing is an essential part of developing a web app. Writing testing for angular is easy and it makes the process for the developer and makes development process faster.

Interpretative User Interface-HTML is more flexible ten compared to JavaScript it allows to make it easy to develop and user interface can be easily modified accordingly.

So all these above features define that why anyone should choose Angular JS for next web app. Building an app on Angular is not just easy for the developer and smooth but various features discussed above made it agile over other platforms.

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Let’s check it out.

BrainMobi portfolio

Strong portfolio


Timely delivery of all the important points which need to be analyzed is favoring them.

Though Angular is in demand not all the web app development companies are efficient to tackle the project that to keep the cost in the budget.

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7 upcoming trends in Mobile application development you might have missed

According to certain reports, there are round about 1 billion smartphones on the planet and on top of which a staggering 179 billion applications were downloaded the previous year. This is enough to say that mobile application technology is one of the most progressive and fastest growing subjects of interest in the world. Keeping in mind the success of enterprises that build the crux of their business using mobile applications, it is obvious that major technology companies are putting a lot of efforts into research and creating smarter and innovative solutions to assist other players. Amidst all this it is easy to assume that mobile applications are constantly coming across new trends. As one of the top mobile application development company we at BrainMobi and help you decipher the latest trends in application development and help you come across a solution that meets with the current trend standards.

Wearable Technologies

Hand held devices could very well be the next generation computing systems as the levels of integration and creativity has seen some limitless paradigms. As of 2016 approximately 101.9 million wearable devices have been shipped and to be honest, most of the mouth watering products are still at its prototype stage. It is easy to say that Wearable technologies are still at its dawn and despite of that technologies like smart watches and hololens have delivered smart practices which are capable of changing the entire way your daily routine works. Smartphone will being the hub of personal area network which shall be capable of managing a wide range of products simultaneously. Be it the world of gaming which shall see products like oculus rift or simply fitness where smartwatch shall do the majority of fitness monitoring for you, wearables is the future of mobile apps and any aspiring app developer should keep that in mind.

Big Data

Internet was mostly a communication tool for delivering short an*d precise messages. The world as we know today produces some humongous amounts of data. The emergence of Big Data Handling technologies like AWS and cloud computing has made our handheld devices equivalent to a library bigger than the ones featured in Game Of Thrones. Now this isn’t just related to Data but cloud computing enables data to be accessed in the form of graphics, functioning algorithms, Photos, videos, audio and etc.


Elements like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or emerging geolocation technologies like Uber have already demonstrated a short trailer of the convenience it can provide. But with the emergence and easy access of this knowledge, it shall be more easy to sketch an android app harnessing IOT. Provided you have conceptualized an app that requires the need of IOT, otherwise your android app shall appear like an 8-bit game amidst an X-Box. Talking of games, AR, VR and Wearable technologies shall utilize this the maximum and that shall be the most sought after thing. And your smartphone is totally capable of accommodating all these things.

Reliable and Systematic Security

Considering the massive dependence of Big Data and the conveniences it shall be able to address, it is obvious that such a kind of system shall not be blindly left exposed to cyber threats. Blockchain and its counterpart tool, cryptocurrency are merely sophisticated forms of security which as of yet are being unhackable.

Chances are highly likely that your mobile app shall utilize payment features, which in turn shall utilize blockchain methods, which in turn shall utilize IOT and Big Data, which in turn shall be having some spectacular features. Keeping those factors in mind the underlying principle of super efficient security is that your android application should have something precious in order to need it.

Better Biometrics

With Facial recognition technology already reaching deliverable commercial standards, it is easily predictable that softwares can be integrated to the very core in order to synchronize us with our physical features. Facial recognition technology is just a security safeguard but has been conceptualized for payment gateways as well. This means your technology is so sophisticated to the point that you might not have to make an engagement but just exist and let the system do the rest of the talking.

Artificial Intelligence

With super efficient databases and enriched connectivity have enabled almost any industry vertical to record, maintain and harness step by step data of its processes. With the features and capabilities of computing systems, the best elements to fetch something concrete out of that data is an efficient artificial intelligence system. AI has started showing its advent in even micro apps which can deliver some accurate empirical solutions thereby reducing a great amount of time and effort on the part of human personnel. Combined with smart voice assistants and emergent hardware, certain apps of the future might entirely eliminate the need to even look at your mobile screen as half of the functionalities can be exhibited via these processes.

Rise of Micro Apps and PWAs

Microapps mostly qualify as those which require very minimal engagements from the user in terms of input. At the same time it’s construction minimality leads to a better processing system and leads to an overall smart usage of the entire system. Because one of the features of a good application is also to keep very minor burden on the device and as the name suggests, Microapps are an exemplary for that. Server side creativity can lead to brilliant import techniques which can enable your microapps to integrate with data from social channels or even your routined habits. While running on the background this way micro applications can carry out lot of voluntary tasks to help you optimize better.

As one of the top android application development company and also the top ios application development company we have made several experiments and research on how to implement this into both devices. We are adept and prepared to take every challenging step in terms of delivering a first time experience that is updated with the realm of constantly updating pieces of knowledge. If you have the idea for a mobile application that seeks to fit in the evolving grounds of technology, feel free to write to us at sales@brainmobi.com .

What Makes ReactJs A Popular Platform in Web Development Space?

In recent years, React JS has become one of the popular platforms in Web development space.  And a lot of JavaScript libraries have been recently released, too. Developers and industry experts are also giving huge preference to React JS because it allows having well separated components on a single page. Since inception, we are exploring Javascript as among the best-in-class open source technologies. We offer custom React JS development services for businesses. And that’s why React JS has become one of the key service offerings. It is well known for its flexibility, and accessibility. And being recognized as one of the best Javascript open source libraries among developers, it is one of the popular platforms. Development of complex Software including web browser and mobile application user interfaces have become need of an hour for enterprises and organizations. And at present, there are a lot of companies, which are using ReactJS including Instagram, Facebook, and Yahoo etc.

What are the advantages of building Apps on React JS?

React JS is known among the best and most quickly developing innovations that comes with a lot of extraordinary benefits, including:

  • Flawless, smooth and simple language
  • User-friendliness
  • Works on multiple cross platform
  • js is remarkably high-end and effective
  • It makes writing Javascript efficient and easier
  • It provides ground-breaking developer tools
  • One of the best languages for SEO
  • It doesn’t requires templates
  • React uses a real, and feature-packed programming language to render views

So hire ReactJS Developers Now!

With React JS, intricate applications could be built dynamic and scaling. We have a team of proficient web app developers who are capable of making dream projects full of innovative ideas. The developers at BrainMobi have in-depth experience and expertise in building market-centric React applications, which are successfully delivering the top-notch React JS development services across the world.

Here at BrainMobi, you can hire adept React.JS developers, who are highly skilled and knowledgeable of Android, AJAX, SQL, AngularJS, CSS, Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, and various other emerging and latest technologies. We have a team of expert NodeJS developers who are always ready to answer all your questions. So no matter wherever you are located, you could just chat live with our dexterous developers and share all your client requirements to get the best possible solutions. BrainMobi is a recognized React JS development company that offers exceptional and market-centric React.js development services. With a great and engaging experience in developing exceptional web apps for small, SMEs to big brands located across the globe, we at BrainMobi are helping brands and businesses in staying ahead of the competition. Our strong portfolio and client testimonials are a proof of our expertise and experience. We have a strong presence in app development world.

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Difficulties, Challenges & Testing Techniques in Android Application Testing

The fight amongst mobile platforms has been over, in any event for some time. Overwhelming its key rivals, in 2015 Google’s Android turned into the most generally utilized portable platform on the worldwide scale. Currently, Google Play Store has more than 3 million applications with around 1300 applications being uploaded on a daily basis. Given the scale, the suppliers of versatile application testing solutions need to single out key reference focuses for Android testing.

A large portion of Android application eccentricities comes as everyone know that android is open-source. Google liberally enables smartphone makers to utilize and modify Android however they see fit. Subsequently, different variants of Android control different smartphones, which presents impressive difficulties for testing engineers. Let’s check out the difficulties being faced by a tester while testing an android application.

  • Breaking the app testing into different pieces

Android readily invites unique hardware makers (OEMs), so the quantity of merchants and gadgets depending on this platform is massive. For example, in 2015, Android started to control 600 new smartphones alone, and the number is on a consistent ascent. It’s difficult to test an application on every one of the gadgets accessible, so testing engineers contemplate the insights and pick the most famous models and producers for an objective district. Well known models and makers more often than not predefine the OS adaptations prominent in the district. In the U.S., for instance, Samsung Galaxy S5 – S8 and Pixel Android 7 on Android 6 – 7 make the highest priority on the rundown of the most well known makers and models bound with OS variants.

  • Too many screen sizes

In 2015, Android controlled the gadgets with 24,000 screen sizes. This incorporates smartphones, smartphones, tablets, TVs and wearables. Testing an application over every one of these screens is unimaginable. In this way, testing engineers have a procedure enabling them to pick pertinent screen sizes. Android designers bolster four sorts of screen sizes: little, ordinary, vast, and additional huge. Testing engineers pick the littlest and the biggest screen from the rundown of focused gadgets and test the application on them.

Different Testing Techniques for Testing Android Application

Picking a reasonable testing methodology relies upon the kind of an application. A local application depends on the capacities of the versatile platform, so testing local portable applications on Android requires an uncommon regard for UI testing and coordination with Android working framework. For this situation, Android people group UI rules may prove to be useful. Testing half breed applications and portable web applications is like trying a web application. The greater part of Android testing specifics concern the application non-utilitarian highlights. How about we think about them.

  • Installing and deleting an app: Appropriate testing of the application’s is important for positive client encounter. While being installation and deletion, the application shouldn’t include different applications. Another critical point is taking care of updates. On the off chance that the application requires a refresh, the client ought to get an important warning. Sadly, Android applications regularly refresh unobtrusively, and the client forgets about the memory space accessible on the gadget, which thwarts the UX.
  • Application performance when internet in not working properly: These days, clients take the smartphone’s capacity to interface with the web for allowed. Notwithstanding, a web association isn’t generally smooth and consistent. Tragically, Android applications don’t generally deal with defective association well. In this way, testing architects ought to explicitly check how the application handles such conditions as irregular association, change (Wifi – 3G/4G). For this situation, manual testing endeavors are most imperative as they mimic genuine conditions better.
  • App security issues: Lamentably, Android’s receptiveness displays a noteworthy security trap. Android has a moderately careless distributing strategy that empowers for all intents and purposes anybody to distribute an application in Google Play Store. Therefore, Google Play may contain numerous tainted applications. Downloaded by a client, these applications may transmit the disease to whatever is left of the applications on the gadget. Furthermore, if these tainted applications contain delicate data, this may wreck ruin. To fix conceivable entanglements and guarantee wellbeing, entrance testing authorities should run a complete security testing.

Some of the most Popular Testing Tools Used by App Development Companies

  1. Jira
  2. Mantis
  3. Bugzilla
  4. Gtest
  5. Selenium
  6. BlazeMeter
  7. Load Runner
  8. Jmeter

Closing Thoughts

Difficulties in testing Android applications come from the broad fame of this platform the whole way across the globe and the specifics of the platform. These eccentricities include:

  • Breaking the app testing into different pieces
  • Too many screen sizes

These difficulties are listed after so much discussion with the testing team at BrainMobi, one of the best mobile application development company. Concerning the features of the platform, testing teams should center around installation and deletion of the application, changing availability conditions and security testing.

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BrainMobi – Best Bootstrap Application Development Company of 2018

Bootstrap is an open-source framework that was developed by Twitter and was intended to create web apps and websites and significantly more. Utilizing perfect and semantic HTML and CSS, it becomes easier to create and fabricate probably the most charming web applications and additionally versatile applications. Booting or Bootstrapping alludes to a gathering of illustrations that allude to self-supporting procedures. These procedures can likewise continue without outside help. We are one of the best bootstrap application development company and develop apps for varied industry verticals.

We build up probably the most intuitive, proficient and powerful bootstrap applications that businesses these days demand and form them into intelligent applications, utilizing the most alluring applications. We are not just extraordinary compared to other mobile application development companies but at the same time are a standout amongst the most extensive organizations. We have the most trusted bootstrap application developers. They are likewise the absolute most skilled software engineers, who build up these applications for an assortment of purposes. Every one of these applications including bootstrap application development are composed and created after broad examination and top to bottom research for each task. We additionally counsel the absolute most presumed and famous specialists from the business, while building up every last task.

Top 10 Features That Makes Bootstrap the Ultimate choice for Web Developers

  1. Programming similarity
  2. Inbuilt designs and styles
  3. Stunning symbol sets
  4. JavaScript and JQuery module reconciliation
  5. Responsive outline
  6. Alluring web UI part
  7. Predominant pictures and picture merry go rounds
  8. Highlights for responsive outline
  9. Different plan components for route, tables, structures, and catches
  10. Parallax looking over

Why Select BrainMobi as your preferred Bootstrap Application Development Partner?

At BrainMobi, we offer the most focused costs for creating applications, that are not just for cross-platform application development, or can be inserted in web applications, or sites but on the other hand are probably the most secure and stable applications. We always make sure to offer our customers with the best web and mobility services at affordable costs. Are you looking for a company that follows agile development methodology, we recommend you to get in touch with BrainMobi, top mobile application development company in India with a team of skilled and certified app developers that develop apps for SMEs and large enterprises. The have a strong focus on UI/UX and use flexible delivery and commercial models. Here are some of the reasons to select BrainMobi.

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Agile App Development – 5 Benefits You Should Know

Innovation is about imaginative brains conveying insurgencies to a degree that consistently realizes a tremendous disturbance. Lithe advancement is additionally one such weighty practice. Deft has been in the spotlight for over recent years, on account of its different favorable circumstances. It offers us a colossal increment in progress rates in programming advancement, better quality and time to advertise, and wonderful efficiency and inspiration. While spry improvement has a great deal to offer to the product advancement groups, we should discuss how you can profit by it today.

What do you understand by Agile Development?

Putting in simple words, spry programming improvement is an umbrella term for programming designing structure controlled by iterative advancement all through the task improvement lifecycle, close joint effort between the advancement groups and the customer, steady correspondence, and firmly weave groups. Along these lines, it is a mix of best building rehearses that advances quick conveyance of great programming, and a business approach that adjusts improvement to client needs and objectives.

Advantages of Agile Application Development


  • Enhances Quality


The venture advancement as per the lithe strategy is completed in little sensible units called dashes. This enables the group to go for accomplishing best-in-class quality toward the finish of improvement, testing, and coordinated effort. Likewise, the regular forms and testing plans toward the finish of every emphasis guarantee that the bug finding and settling is speedy and should be possible well-in-time.


  • Spotlights on Business Value


With the dexterous way to deal with the task advancement, the customer can organize highlights. This empowers the designers to comprehend the customer’s vision and furthermore, comprehend which component influences the customer’s business all the more altogether. This along these lines clears routes for the conveyance of highlights that assistance the customers to use the most extreme business esteem.


  • Straightforwardness


Following a coordinated way to deal with venture advancement enables the customers to include with the engineers as a nearly weave group from the underlying period of relegating need to the highlights to the cycle arranging and survey sessions to the successive programming fabricates containing new highlights. It likewise keeps the customer refreshed on the task advance and broadens the degree for joining the required changes.


  • Focusses on Users


The coordinated approach usually consolidates the client stories with business-arranged acknowledgment criteria to decide the determinations of each element. This moves the concentration to the end clients along these lines empowering each element to convey benefit as opposed to simply one more IT segment. This empowers the improvement group and customers to dispatch the product for beta testing and subsequently permitting the consolidation of the required changes well-in-time.


  • Grows the Scope for Changes


Light-footed expands the extension for steady refinements and re-prioritizing the general item excess as the advancement group focuses on building up the commonly concurred subset of the item’s highlights amid each dash. These new or adjusted accumulation highlights can be then gotten ready for the following emphasis, guaranteeing that the customer can survey and present changes inside half a month.

Closing Thoughts

Agile works best for application development if you execute it effectively. It’s a radical approach for top mobile application development companies. It empowers not only the development team but the entire team members involved in the project development to handle the bugs that generally occur.

Are you looking for a company that follows agile development methodology, we recommend you to get in touch with BrainMobi, one the best mobile application development company in India with a team of skilled and certified app developers that develop apps for SMEs and large enterprises. The have a strong focus on UI/UX and use flexible delivery and commercial models. Here are some of the reasons to select BrainMobi.


★ 250+ Apps Developed & Marketed

★ 80+ Happy Clients

★ 70+ BrainMobians

★ 1000+ Journals Published

★ 88% Client Retention Rate

★ Featured on the Best Known Mobile Platforms

★ Rated as the Top Mobile Application Development Company, 2016 by Silicon India.
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How Apple is Leveraging Artificial Intelligence into its latest iPhone

At a developer conference held in California, recently Apple announced iOS 10 with many enticing new features. And it came with entirely amazing and captivating updates. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Apple Maps to suggest better and accurate routes

Now with iOS 10, Apple Maps app will have new and better maps, which will show better and accurate routes that will solve your traffic issues automatically.

  1. Automated text responses

Now if you’re texting something to someone, new feature, which related to Quick Type in the Messages app, will suggest you more, which would be more than just correct spelling.

  1. Facial recognition for photos

The new Photos app will successfully recognize the people in the photos and offers you to group them together for you.

  1. Your voicemails could now be successfully transcribed

However, it’s been available on the Google Voice app for many years. The iPhone has the capability to successfully transcribe the user’s voicemails automatically and turn them into an easily readable text.

  1. No need to manually increase/decrease the light of your screen

Now when you’ll pick up your iPhone, you don’t need to press any button to turn it on to increase the shine of your screen.

  1. Now Siri can order a Pizza

The voice assistant Siri has now become much smarter. Now Apple has allowed the voice assistant to flawlessly work with the third-party apps.

  1. Automated videos of many events together

Apple has come up with a new and enticing feature called Memories, which allows it to grab the video snippets and photos altogether, thus identifying the places and people all at one place. It stitches them all together and comes with a highlight video, which includes all the keynotes of the party, be it wedding or birthday party.

  1. News app will automatically combine all the stories together

Another new enhancements and automation that comes with iOS 10 is new and revamped News app. The new version of News app will create the new sections for creating news stories and allows them to group together so that you could quickly scan and get the latest stories.

Being the recognized and reputed iOS App Development Company, we at BrainMobi always keep an eye on every new advancements and announcement. Our well-versed iPhone app developers have started their R&D on the new iPhone10 features. So if you are looking for a proficient iPhone app development team that can turn your idea into reality, you’re at a right place. Our expert team of iPhone app developers is highly efficient in turning your iPhone app idea into reality. That’s why we have been ranked among the Top iOS App Development Company in Dubai and many other countries. So if you have an iPhone app to get developed and that needs recent technological integration, then contact us today at sales@brainmobi.com and our expert team of iPhone app developers will connect with you soon with the right quote and timelines.


Does your business have a mobile app? If, No…you should get one developed

Mobile app world has become popular among its users, in recent years. And it is expected to become more pervasive in coming years. Brands, Start-ups, SMEs, Business, users, enterprises everyone is looking to get their app developed. So the need for mobile apps has given birth to a lot of app development companies. And to keep up with the trends and recent trends, mobile app developers are required to be updated with the trends and struggle the ever-increasing competition. Being a proficient app developer or a user or a brand or entrepreneur, you must be wondering which trend you need to step into first.

Mobile Space is rising high, Take Them Higher with Apps

Mobile commerce commonly known as mCommerce is grabbing a huge chunk of total mobile app sales. According to recent reports, 31% of the total sales of mobile apps are due to mCommerce. If we look back in 2012, it was sharing just 10% of the total mobile apps sales. And that would definitely rise in the near future. We will definitely see an immense growth in the m-commerce industry. However, mCommerce popularity is not just a reason behind this. Total sales of mobile apps have been increased. It has shot up by 30% if we see on the yearly basis. Few of the biggest contributors are PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay. Mobile apps have eliminated the annoying and maladroit buying, purchasing and payment processes, which in turn, has resulted in increasing the purchase rate up to 10%.

Another key factor that shows that mobile apps will rise in coming years is the code cutting practices and tactics. In recent years, the demand and need for Native app development, custom app development, RMAD (Rapid mobile application development) tools, and low code app development is rising hugely. And that shows the rise of app development sector.

If we take a worldwide tour of the mobile transactions tour, that shows mobile apps are becoming a priority for many brands and businesses. A sale of $5.3 billion was seen in the US. And do you know out of which $2 billion transactions were done through mobile apps only? How can we miss the luring figures of China’s largest e-commerce industrialist, Alibaba? According to reports, once Alibaba got the record of $18 billion sales just in a day. And it itself broke the record and recorded another $25 billion.

Are you still confused that you should develop an app for your business or not? Yes, you definitely should. Being the best mobile app development company, we have served clients across the world.  Our team of dexterous mobile app developers has the knowledge and expertise of working on unique and game-changing ideas. Since inception, we have worked on projects of various verticals and domain including healthcare, mCommerce, retail, Enterprise or beacon.

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How Food Ordering Mobile Apps Have Become A Crucial Part of Food Industry?

Whether you are running late for your home or visiting a new town, Food Ordering Mobile app is the perfect solution for all your problems. In any scenario, people are readily dipping into the idea of ordering their favorite meal through a user-friendly mobile app.

Since these foods ordering mobile apps cater the best, flawless and hassle-free ecosystem for perfectly conserving and ordering the appetizing meals, these user-centric apps are readily embraced by its users.

This Is How You Can Build a Flawless and Cost-effective Food Ordering Mobile Apps

If you are looking to have an exceptional food ordering mobile app and make it stand out of the competition, it’s time to connect with a proficient team of app developers. For getting your app developed, you need to be very precise and clear before initiating the process of Food Ordering app development. Apart from focusing on the market insights and your competitors, you certainly need more points to focus on. Let’s check them out:

Always adhere to your core values: So, you have decided to take your food delivery business to next level. You must be wondering what next you could do? – You need to focus on one thing – The core value of your mobile app. Just analyze what are your core service areas. What are the related techniques and strategies? How you will be serving your services? Will your users love the idea? – Among these the most important one is – Is your App idea is helping users in meeting any of their day-to-day life challenges?

Your Service Focus Area Needs To Be Specific: You should never release your app with ample of features and functionalities. Rather it should focus on meeting the daily needs of user. Just make the navigation simple, such that it allows the users to get all your tasks completed hassle free. Flooding your app with too many intricate features will make your user irritated, thus resulting in app uninstall.

Focusing on User Experience: Design of your app should be Soothing and flawless and avoid using too many images. Just make your app simple with enticing features and content. Delivering a scalable, robust and a seamless user experience is a key component of a mobile app that makes the app successful and keeps the user glued to your app.

ASO: Everyone knows that it’s one of the crucial steps for making your app successful. So it should be a top priority for making your app Successful on the App Marketplaces. Remember every Store has its own set of rules and standards that you need to follow for making your app successful.

ASO factors including reviews, ratings and App Content play a key role in making your app rank top on the App stores. So get relevant reviews and rating and use the most searched and less competitive keywords in your app content, to make your app hit on App Stores.

Being a leading mobile app development company, we at BrainMobi has helped a lot of our clients in Food and Restaurant App Development. Our team of passionate mobile app developers is proficient in getting your unique and sporadic food app idea implemented. Our best-in-class mobile app development team has delivered food apps that have topped the charts and earned value and revenue, both.