The Mobile App Development Company to Choose

Choosing a mobile app development company seems like a daunting task. There is so much to consider before picking up the perfect company for your needs. The struggle continues as the number of app development companies is very large and filtering these companies is difficult. It is difficult to know which company is to be trusted for your needs.

A name that stands out when it comes to being trusted for app development needs is BrainMobi. We are a top mobile app development company with our clients spread across the globe. Our team of ace app developers is tremendously skilled, having in depth knowledge about what goes around in the app development business and the various technologies used for mobile app development.

With BrainMobi, you get to work with a dedicated research and development team working tirelessly to come up with new technologies for solving problems. With a lot of knowledge about latest technologies that may be used in the apps we develop, our research and development team has been quite an aid to our development team. The coordination between the two teams enables us to build state of the art mobile apps for our clients.

The quality of services that we provide makes us a prominent name as an app development company. Having served a huge diversity of clients, our team of some of the best app developers has gained quite a lot of important insights into requirements given by the clients. We go to great lengths to make our apps highly interactive while integrating innovation in our products at all times.

Our innovative team of top app developers was all we needed to ensure that no connectivity problems creep into the apps which we develop. With our knowledge about the importance of security and connectivity for apps, we put a lot of efforts while designing the apps, to give your customers a very smooth experience on your app. This understanding of the vital need for a relatively stable connection in apps that we develop makes us a top app development company.

We have the best UI/UX development, team. Since the design is an appealing factor in almost all of the apps, we focus on designing your apps the best possible way we can, thus ensuring that your app looks appealing to your customers and an ever increasing number of people use your app. We provide purely indulging experiences to users with our apps. These experiences are good, so good that these experiences themselves keep the users coming back for more of it.

Security is one of the most important features which our team of some of the best app developers always keeps in check while making your app. We always ensure that each and every app we make is secure. This is done with the help of our team’s expertise in this field. We ensure that the apps we develop are impenetrable by using innovative algorithms developed by our team especially for our clients. Our ace team of some of the best app developers has good knowledge about developing apps which can outclass ss other apps on most of the famous charts out there making us the prime choice for all of our customers.

Work with us and experience mobility heaven. Connect with us at to explore your possibilities with mobility experts.

BrainMobi A Leading Wearable App Development Company

Wearable computers have changed the course of the digital revolution that brought digitization to every industry. It took digitization to a new level with smarter wearable computers than ever. These computers came with more powerful hardware which weighed much lesser than any of the predecessors. Wearable computers brought about a revolution that was much needed in the industry. Wearable app developers now provide the customers with better overall looks and innovative designs for the apps as well as the hardware. The UX has also been improved to give the customers the best experience that can be made available to them.

BrainMobi is a leading Wearable App Development Company. Our team of top wearable app developers has a deep understanding of the wearable app industry. Hence we develop wearable apps with great care. Our UI and UX is carefully designed and developed to give the best of the features to the users of the app.

These days, wearable apps are used for just about anything. From mobile payment to recording the athletic sessions, wearable apps have done it all. With ground breaking algorithms, we are a top wearable app development company.

Most people believe that the scope for wearable apps is limited to smartwatches. That isn’t the truth. Wearable apps extend to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality devices. They are an important part of wearable apps.

We are a top AR App Development Company. We deliver top quality services to our clients. Being a leading AR app development company, we deliver products which top the charts at any and every marketplace they are put in. We design the wearable apps with great care given to user retention along with an immersive experience that would make the users of the wearable keep coming back for more. Our wearable apps are customized to the requirements of the clients as well as the requirements of the industry.

Connect with us at to give wings to your very own wearable app. Let our team of the best wearable app developers help you out with any help you may need with your app.

BrainMobi: The App Development Company You Need

When it is about developing websites, plenty of things ought to be thought about. Users don’t really have a shortage of sites that they may visit for the exact content they are looking for. Therefore, it is important to think about various ways of retaining the audience. The audience would favor going away from the web site if the web site is not interactive enough. While content still remains a vital facet of why audiences would prefer to return to your website, the importance of design can’t be ignored.

Our clients in USA say that we are a Top website design & development company. With our team of some of the top website designers and developers, BrainMobi has been successful in serving our clients and helping them retain audiences on their sites by using latest algorithms developed by them.

Our team of prime web site designers and developers know exactly how to make your web site more appealing to the masses. Hence we have a tendency of concentrating on providing best in class products to our clients. Being a prime web site design and development company, we have in depth knowledge of the features that would work out in the industry.

In addition to being one of the top website design and development company, we are a Top app development company. Our ace team of top app developers has developed unique algorithms making our clients’ apps unique. We have extensive knowledge about how audience can be retained and how they can be made to stay glued on the app. With our expertise, your app is on its way to perfection.

We build highly secured apps since we understand that security is an important aspect for any app. Our team of some of the best app developers makes every app in such a way that it is impenetrable and highly secure. This is done with the use of highly innovative algorithms developed by our team for our clients.

The approach that we use to solve problems of our clients is what we believe sets us apart from most of our competitors. Our apps are designed for high customer retention. A lot of attention is given even to the slightest details.

Top AngularJS Development Services Company In USA

When it comes to finding the top AngularJS development services company in USA, a name that stands out from all of its competitors is BrainMobi. While it is based in India, it provides cutting edge services throughout the globe.

BrainMobi is a Top AngularJS development services company in USA according to our clients in USA. And they vouch for us to give the best service they’ve ever received. We provide our clients with experiences they would never forget. Our ace team of top AngularJS developers believe in providing unsurpassable quality of services to our clients by developing state of the art applications for our clients.

Our innovative team of top AngularJS developers have brought innovation time and again in the apps we’ve made for our clients. With latest algorithms specially designed for our clients we ensure the uniqueness of the apps that we build. Our team has in-depth knowledge about AngularJS and there are a number of reasons why we work on AngularJS.

Another technology we excel at is Beacon. Our clients in USA say that we are the best beacon app development company in USA. BrainMobi one of the top beacon app development companies mostly because of the amount of innovation and security we bring into the beacon apps we develop using our advanced algorithms which were specially developed by our team of some of the top beacon app developers.

As a Top beacon app development company in USA, we have had an exposure to a diversified pool of clients, each having their unique requirements, and we look into every requirement with enthusiasm since every requirement forces us to push our limits and create something new and unique that since we make beacon apps tailored to the requirements of our clients.

Being new, beacon apps show a lot of scope for innovation and our developers make sure to seize the chance to make the best out of this scope. We make apps with a great deal of care and efforts to make your app perfect. We tailor each app according to your needs, and the overall efficiency of the system. We go into great depths to make sure that your beacon app is highly secure and can’t be breached.

Why BrainMobi is a Top Website Design and Development Company?

When it comes to developing websites, a lot of factors have to be considered. Users don’t have a shortage of websites which they could visit for the content they’re searching for. Hence it is very important to consider how to retain the audience. Audience would prefer to leave the website if the website isn’t interactive enough. While content remains an important aspect of why the audience would come to your website, the role of design can’t be ignored.

BrainMobi is a Top website design & development company. With a team of top website designers and developers, our company has been successful in helping our clients retain audiences on their websites by using state of the art algorithms developed by them.  Our team of top website designers and developers know how your website would appeal to the masses and hence we focus on providing our clients with best in class products. Being a top website design and development company, we have extensive knowledge of what features work out in the industry and what features are to be avoided.

Our websites are lightweight and optimised for mobile phones. Mobile phones? Did we hear mobile phones? We are a Top iPhone app development company in India. We develop iPhone apps like you’ve never seen before. Our team of the best iPhone app developers make sure that every product has a stroke of innovation in it so that every product stands out. Being a top iPhone app development company in India we have received a wide range of requirements which we have delivered with flying colors to our diversified clients. Our team of top iPhone app developers have learned a lot serving to a vibrant palette of customers. We carefully design our iPhone apps to be immersive and highly addictive. Our iPhone apps are designed to be distinct from the other apps so that they are the best performers in the App Store. We are one of the best mobile app development companies. Working with us, you’d know what it feels like to work with the best mobile app development team, and you’ll love it.

Why BrainMobi is a top-notch Beacon App Development Company?

IOT – Internet of Things has a huge potential to new verticals where almost each and every device can connect, communicate and process transaction.

And, all these innovations can be done because of the foundation of few emerging and creative technologies like beacon commonly called as BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy ) and iBeacon. Because of the commencement of such trending and emerging technologies, BrainMobi technologies has entered into this innovation and adding this technology as a key part of our services and solutions that we are delivering to our esteemed clients.

How BrainMobi meeting business challenges through its BLE / iBeacon App Development?

Being a leading Beacon App Development Company, BrainMobi has an expertise and experience of developing exceptional beacon apps for entrepreneurs, retailers, and many others. Since inception, we are working on various industries for successfully implementing beacon technology. Our Beacon app development or BLE App Development provides a wide range of opportunities to the clients across the world. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Engaging and smart interactions with users
  • Tailored push notifications
  • Beacon-enabled secured payment systems
  • Customized history of users

Variety of Industries we are working with an iBeacon Technology

  • B2B
  • e-Commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Health
  • IT
  • Politics
  • Real Estate
  • Sports
  • Travel


And, types of BLE Apps we have developed

We have worked on multiple POC required in BLE Device including:

  • Heart Rate Measurement by using user-centric BLE Sensors
  • Temperature & Humidity Measurement through BLE sensors
  • Proximity Based Offers, Deals and Coupons
  • BLE or Beacon-based Museum apps
  • Beacon-Based City Tour, an amazing Guide App

Apart from that, we have also built a proprietary campaign or CMS system that allows admin to easily manage anything, be it driving traffic to stores or sending notifications of offers and coupons or enticing visitors or unlocking value-added content on the go.

Transforming our client’s business experience by leveraging BLE / iBeacon App Development

Since inception, we are working with brands and have helped in boosting their business through our BLE App Development or ibeacon development. Our team of iBeacon app developers thinks that BLE technology is awesome. We have served clients across the world including US, UAE, Australia and India. Not only beacon, we have worked on almost every emerging technologies and platforms be it AR, VR, AI and Wearables. And, that’s why we are counted as the Top iOS app development company in UAE, India, US and UK etc.

So, why not let us know your thoughts on Beacons. To get in touch with an amazing team of beacon app developers, click here.