Does your business have a mobile app? If, No…you should get one developed

Mobile app world has become popular among its users, in recent years. And it is expected to become more pervasive in coming years. Brands, Start-ups, SMEs, Business, users, enterprises everyone is looking to get their app developed. So the need for mobile apps has given birth to a lot of app development companies. And to keep up with the trends and recent trends, mobile app developers are required to be updated with the trends and struggle the ever-increasing competition. Being a proficient app developer or a user or a brand or entrepreneur, you must be wondering which trend you need to step into first.

Mobile Space is rising high, Take Them Higher with Apps

Mobile commerce commonly known as mCommerce is grabbing a huge chunk of total mobile app sales. According to recent reports, 31% of the total sales of mobile apps are due to mCommerce. If we look back in 2012, it was sharing just 10% of the total mobile apps sales. And that would definitely rise in the near future. We will definitely see an immense growth in the m-commerce industry. However, mCommerce popularity is not just a reason behind this. Total sales of mobile apps have been increased. It has shot up by 30% if we see on the yearly basis. Few of the biggest contributors are PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay. Mobile apps have eliminated the annoying and maladroit buying, purchasing and payment processes, which in turn, has resulted in increasing the purchase rate up to 10%.

Another key factor that shows that mobile apps will rise in coming years is the code cutting practices and tactics. In recent years, the demand and need for Native app development, custom app development, RMAD (Rapid mobile application development) tools, and low code app development is rising hugely. And that shows the rise of app development sector.

If we take a worldwide tour of the mobile transactions tour, that shows mobile apps are becoming a priority for many brands and businesses. A sale of $5.3 billion was seen in the US. And do you know out of which $2 billion transactions were done through mobile apps only? How can we miss the luring figures of China’s largest e-commerce industrialist, Alibaba? According to reports, once Alibaba got the record of $18 billion sales just in a day. And it itself broke the record and recorded another $25 billion.

Are you still confused that you should develop an app for your business or not? Yes, you definitely should. Being the best mobile app development company, we have served clients across the world.  Our team of dexterous mobile app developers has the knowledge and expertise of working on unique and game-changing ideas. Since inception, we have worked on projects of various verticals and domain including healthcare, mCommerce, retail, Enterprise or beacon.

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How Food Ordering Mobile Apps Have Become A Crucial Part of Food Industry?

Whether you are running late for your home or visiting a new town, Food Ordering Mobile app is the perfect solution for all your problems. In any scenario, people are readily dipping into the idea of ordering their favorite meal through a user-friendly mobile app.

Since these foods ordering mobile apps cater the best, flawless and hassle-free ecosystem for perfectly conserving and ordering the appetizing meals, these user-centric apps are readily embraced by its users.

This Is How You Can Build a Flawless and Cost-effective Food Ordering Mobile Apps

If you are looking to have an exceptional food ordering mobile app and make it stand out of the competition, it’s time to connect with a proficient team of app developers. For getting your app developed, you need to be very precise and clear before initiating the process of Food Ordering app development. Apart from focusing on the market insights and your competitors, you certainly need more points to focus on. Let’s check them out:

Always adhere to your core values: So, you have decided to take your food delivery business to next level. You must be wondering what next you could do? – You need to focus on one thing – The core value of your mobile app. Just analyze what are your core service areas. What are the related techniques and strategies? How you will be serving your services? Will your users love the idea? – Among these the most important one is – Is your App idea is helping users in meeting any of their day-to-day life challenges?

Your Service Focus Area Needs To Be Specific: You should never release your app with ample of features and functionalities. Rather it should focus on meeting the daily needs of user. Just make the navigation simple, such that it allows the users to get all your tasks completed hassle free. Flooding your app with too many intricate features will make your user irritated, thus resulting in app uninstall.

Focusing on User Experience: Design of your app should be Soothing and flawless and avoid using too many images. Just make your app simple with enticing features and content. Delivering a scalable, robust and a seamless user experience is a key component of a mobile app that makes the app successful and keeps the user glued to your app.

ASO: Everyone knows that it’s one of the crucial steps for making your app successful. So it should be a top priority for making your app Successful on the App Marketplaces. Remember every Store has its own set of rules and standards that you need to follow for making your app successful.

ASO factors including reviews, ratings and App Content play a key role in making your app rank top on the App stores. So get relevant reviews and rating and use the most searched and less competitive keywords in your app content, to make your app hit on App Stores.

Being a leading mobile app development company, we at BrainMobi has helped a lot of our clients in Food and Restaurant App Development. Our team of passionate mobile app developers is proficient in getting your unique and sporadic food app idea implemented. Our best-in-class mobile app development team has delivered food apps that have topped the charts and earned value and revenue, both.


Why BrainMobi is the best Mobile App Development Company in United Kingdom

Social Networking App

In recent years, Mobile app development has reached newer heights. And being the recognized and best-in-class app development partner, we at BrainMobi has become one of the earliest mobile application development companies. We offer robust, scalable, incredible and cost-effective mobile experiences that help our clients in meeting their business objectives and generate greater value and revenue. Our intense focus on delivering best-in-class and customer-centric mobile app solutions has helped us in earning the reputation of being the top-notch mobile solution provider. When you are choosing BrainMobi that means you are partnering with the best mobile app development team known for delivering feature-packed mobile solutions for years.

We hire the most technically well-versed, intelligent, proficient and tech-savvy mobile app consultants. Our developers have years of experience and expertise in developing mobile apps on iOS and Android, both. Our apparent methodologies and well-versed processes help us in building apps for every mobile platform and industry be it retail, real-estate, Wearable, Enterprise, health and IoT etc. Bestowed with a team of 60+ highly skilled mobility experts, we are helping start-ups, SMEs and leading brands in meeting their business objectives stringent deadlines and promises.

Our experience and expertise in mobility domain enable us to deliver performance-centric apps by using emerging and latest technologies. Till date, we have successfully delivered 200+ mobile apps to serve 100+ clients across the world. No matter which business or industry domain your app idea falls upon, our dexterous team will get that converted. Our experience and proficiency in emerging and latest technologies empower us to become the top leaders in the mobility space. And that’s why we are successfully delivering Android apps and iOS apps that stand ahead of the competition. We deliver web and mobile experiences that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also exceptionally functional and user-friendly.

We have proven our expertise in various domains and verticals and are known for 100% Customer Satisfaction. That’s why we are successful in making long-term client relationship. Being a leading Mobile App Development Company in United Kingdom, we are leaders in mobile app development space by following the most recent tools and technologies and cutting-edge app development processes, which in turn, helps us in ensuring best-in-class mobile app solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Most importantly, our App Developers ensure that we see through the toughest of the projects with the least of the hassles.

Our app development expertise and extensive experience in Android and iOS development enable us to deliver world-class mobile app solution provider. And that’s why we are the best Android and iOS App Development Company in UK. We have successfully delivered highly engaging and cost-effective app solutions thus ensuring amazing visibility and ROI.

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Revamp Your Mobile App Development Process with Recommended Practices

What is the new iPhone X doing to your current App Design

The mobile app development process can be scary at times, but with practices known to work for people, it can be made appeasing. More often than not, people have no idea what works best for the app and in such cases, it is always better to have a guideline, no matter how vague, for making the app.

Let us help you with a few practices that we recommend for a better mobile app development process. A mobile app development company faces a lot of issues throughout its existence in the app development market, so you can trust the practices that we recommend.

To start with, every mobile app development company wishes to save money, and so would you. Most companies start cutting costs from the very beginning, so much that they miss out on one of the most important parts of the mobile app development process that is to develop blueprints for the app. A blueprint is vital to efficient development of the app since it acts as a guide to the developers so that the developers make the best possible app in as less time as possible.

Next up, you should suggest the clients to release a minimum viable product first. This would save time and money, not only for the client, but also for you. The client saves money and time by making a basic app first and checking whether it performs well in the market or not. If it performs well, the client can get the complete app developed; else the client can simply pursue some other idea. You can save time and money by spending a relatively short amount time in making the MVP. Once the MVP is made, your team is free to pick other projects up to make proper use of their time.

Another practice that we recommend to save a considerable amount of time and money is to outsource tasks. You could choose to outsource the whole project if you are already busy with a project and have a company you can trust. Or you could choose to outsource various components of the project. For example, you could choose to build only the core components required to make the MVP and outsource the rest.

BrainMobi is a leading mobile app development company. We are a team of 60+ mobility experts, we are one of the best mobile app development companies out there. Our clients are spread out across the globe, hence our knowledge about what works for whom is sans-pareil. We truly care about the success of your app and hence leave no stone unturned to ensure that your app ends up being successful. Send us your requirements at for a free quote. We can handle all sorts of projects, be it outsourced or directly received from the client.


Android App Development – Best Tips For Android App Developers

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An application is about thought. Since you have an executioner thought, it is about an opportunity to transform your application vision into reality. You are yearning to make a stamp in the application world and start application downloads and surveys. You realize that you have a progressive thought that will have any kind of effect in the lives of your clients.

With more than a billion gadgets actuated, Android is a standout amongst the best platform to make applications that you feel energetic about. Be that as it may, there is an issue. You don’t know how to develop an application in Android.

On the off chance that you think Android application is about writing computer programs is tied in with coding and linguistic structure, you are tragically mixed up. Android App Development Company can end up being an overwhelming errand. One needs to work with Java and in particular introduce all Android particular programming so as to take in the little-known techniques of Android application improvement.

In any case, you require the accompanying

  1. Software Development Kit (SDK)
  2. IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like Android Studio
  3. Java Software Development Kit (JDK)
  4. Virtual gadget for testing

Download Android Studio: Official IDE

The initial step is download the Official IDE for Android: Android Studio. Offering world-class code altering, investigating, and a moment fabricate and send framework, Android Studio enables you to concentrate on building creative and top notch applications. Regardless of whether you are hoping to create applications for Android smartphones, tablets, Android TV, Android Wearables or Android Auto, Android Studio gives a brought together condition to fabricate vigorous, secure and versatile Android applications.

Grasp Android Developers Guidelines: For Consistency and Robust Performance

Since you have taken a dive in Android app development, it is about an opportunity to grasp Android designers’ rules. Appropriate from preparing guides, educational web journals, API guides, Google keeps up a mind blowing and broad accumulation of reports that you can elude, pursuit or peruse through at whatever point in question amid the Android application development lifecycle. Whole data is sorted out in such a careful way, to the point that one data prompts another.

Guidelines for Android: Key to Native Apps

With regards to Android applications, you have to outline for Android. You can’t reproduce different platform. It simply does not work that way. With the rising unmistakable quality of Material outline, Google is totally centered around creating applications that function admirably, as well as look natural.

Android utilizes this new outline similitude propelled by paper and ink to give a consoling feeling of physicality. Just put in Google’s words Material outline is to “Make a visual dialect that blends exemplary standards of good plan with the development and probability of innovation and science.”

With downloads, stencils, and an extensive variety of devices, the assets segments encourages you make your outline in a consistent way. The gadget driven UI standards and rules will enable you to use center Android Design Principles to give particular outline direction to a few shape factors.

Kotlin: Shift in Android App Development

Kotlin is the new standard for Android application advancement specialist organizations and awesome news for Android engineers. Kotlin is an advanced and capable dialect defeating regular difficulties, for example, runtime special cases and source code verbosity.

A statically wrote programming dialect, Kotlin is completely interoperable with Java. Kotlin is anything but difficult to begin with and can be brought into existing ventures, which viably implies that you’re existing abilities and innovation assets are spared.

Instant Android Apps

Like Progressive Web Apps, Google’s Android Instant Apps lives precisely up to its name and empowers Android applications to run in a split second. These applications don’t should be downloaded or introduced on a gadget, making it feasible for clients to get to a more extensive scope of applications flawlessly.

Android Instant applications gives clients a chance to encounter Android from any URL—including seek, online networking, informing, and other profound connections—without expecting to introduce your application first. The applications can be in a split second downloaded with a solitary snap simply like website pages.

Android Instant Apps usefulness is a move up to your current Android application, not another, different application. Android Studio gives the apparatuses you have to modularize your application with the goal that clients stack just the segment of the moment application that they require, when they require it.

Quick and lovely UIs, superior, and incredible capacities, Android Instant Apps is presently open to all engineers, so anybody can construct and distribute a moment application today.

Make Security a Top Priority

With a huge number of Android Apps in the Google PlayStore, security keeps on being one of the real dangers to application clients. It is vital for a Top Android application development company to concentrate on security of the application.

Keep security as the foundation of your technique and test your application however much as could reasonably be expected. Keep in mind, testing for usefulness and highlights and in addition execution. Testing your application will enable it to make due in basic circumstances, and shield clients from avoidable crashes and bugs.


Seeing how Android clients carry on is the way to progress. It is vital to design technique as needs be. Making progress as another Android App developer may challenge, yet it isn’t unimaginable. Each proposal could be valuable to end up plainly an effective Android Developer. Never ignore the nature of coding which ought to be viable.

Finding the best android application development company in USA to build your custom app?

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How to Search the Right Mobile App Development Company for Outsourcing

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There are a large number of mobile app development companies out there in the market, yet finding a company who can work according to your needs and requirements is a challenging task. Everyone wants that a well established, reputed firm and a strong team should work on their dream product. If you are hunting down gifted, strong and direct mobile application developers you need to look for companies from countries like India. With weaker economy than that of USA or UK, Indian architects can offer the best quality at affordable prices. If you are not clear whom to go with then I suggest, BrainMobi may be the best choice for you.

BrainMobi is among one of the best mobile app development companies in India and Canada. We surpass desires at merging layout, framework, testing and headway abilities to make stunning applications for clients.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  1. First and principal advantage of outsourcing is taken a toll sparing
  2. You can appreciate the benefit of expanded proficiency
  3. You can concentrate on center zones
  4. You can save on the framework and innovation.
  5. Easy access to certified resources
  6. Time zone advantage
  7. Faster and better administration.

Why Hire App Developers from BrainMobi?

  1. Highly capable and talented resources
  2. Flexible Engagement Models – Hourly, weekly, monthly
  3. Total control on your project
  4. Seamless correspondence by methods for email, phone, Skype
  5. Daily Reports
  6. Secured data
  7. Track project execution with Project Management Tools
  8. 100% Satisfaction
  9. Strict NDA terms, protection
  10. 24*7 Technical Support

BrainMobi is the top mobile application development company that has the ability to change the entire tech time by utilizing the best innovation. They have their own innovative group which depict your remarkable mobile application thoughts and make something truly astounding and worth spending. BrainMobi has an extremely enormous system in the entire world and extended their administration all over the place. Their customer report is additionally positive. Their portfolio is extremely flexible. They are the visionaries and makers. Till now they have developed more than 100 mobile applications.

Looking for a mobile app development company to build your custom app? Hire app developers from BrainMobi to fulfill your app development requirements. Send an email on and request for a proposal.


How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App from a Professional App Development Company

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With Apps turning into a developing interest and necessity of every household, the advancement of uses, which are perfect for different stage are likewise prospering in the computerized showcase. How much does it cost to develop a mobile app from a professional app development company? This can be an infiltrating question. We discuss mobile application and how it fulfills our necessities, besides do we think about costing factors behind the development of mobile apps.

To comprehend the variables included identified with costing of the applications at the underlying phase of mobile application development, will empower anyone to have a thought regarding the nice cost estimation of the process of mobile app development. It is critical for us to comprehend that through smartphones it will dependably enable us to remain associated with clients and dependably to allow to communicate with them.

  1. a) The most ideal approach to expand the brand acknowledgment of an application, is to build utilization of the administration, nothing else works superior to an application.

  1. b) When we need to expand the brand deals and administration, we need increasingly utilize application with the goal that it will have an effect on the clients to come and buy the item and benefit the administrations. It is a prime concentration to first hit the intended interest groups with the goal that the items reach to them and they will quickly settle on their prerequisites.

  1. c) Once it is as of now chose approaches to hold the client one ought to continually look for offers to keep down their enthusiasm to utilize the items and administrations.

  1. d) By continuous utilization of mobile app, the clients can meet their necessities online.There are couple of parameters that decide the cost of a mobile application.

These parameters are as clarified underneath:-

  1. Business Module – When you choose to first build an application, you have to accentuate first on the example and the style of business for which the application will be created. Consequently, strategy for success ought to be settled before beginning the application development process, so that ROI can be produced to increase benefit of the organization.

  1. I) Who are your intended interest groups and where precisely they invest the most extreme energy?

  1. ii) What is the correct necessity?

iii) At which stage it will run?

  1. iv) Will it have an adaptable offering cost and have a particular income age or will it have a settled offering cost?

  1. v) Will some extra like visual impact can be an additional preferred standpoint for offering of the application?

  1. vi) Will the application that you give have included data?

A business module can be prepared on the basis of above pointer to have a clear understanding regarding the project cost estimation.

  1. Platform – After when you are ready with the business module, the following purpose of assurance is for which platform, an application will be created to run. In the wake of choosing the prerequisite and the focused on crowds, one needs to choose the platform for development. From the quantity of stages like iOS, Android or both, one needs to decide for which platform the application should be developed.

When it is mobile application, the engineer would have skill in building application for iOS, and Android. It is considered as financially savvy and less tedious to manufacture applications for iOS as it has better client base. Android however involves a noteworthy area in the market. A designer if not certain about a client’s reaction will endeavor to dispatch first in iOS and afterward on Android.

  1. Essential Features – The features and functionalities will dependably rely upon your intended interest groups and the stage you build up your application. If your intended interest group are drawn towards the application that has alluring symbol and UI plan, the client will get drawn towards it. It is after all what they purchase is the thing that they see. By the by, there are clients, who might want to go for application that gives highlight and data and will show the world coming carefully alive before them. The designers continue returning to Android and iOS, as these platform offers more noteworthy open doors and a possibility extend highlights loaded with more opportunities. Here, the client encounter is more vital than UI outlines. The clients

  1. Man hour – Man Hours can be isolated into

  1. a) Design – An outline group can really improve something of an amazing symbol and UI/UX plans that likely was never discharged in the market. This is one of the critical methods for keeping down client’s consideration and they would wouldn’t fret spending something that has an interest, after all whatever they buy are dependably outwardly engaging.

In a way you have to choose the intended interest groups, on the off chance that they are driven by client experience and data and discover an outline engaging. Unusually, individuals wouldn’t fret spending for outlines and on the off chance that it is stuffed with plan and involvement with right data, hello check the costs will mount up.

  1. b) Development – A development team will nearly work with the outline group, however in the event that the advancement group will be a specialist or the office will to a great extent rely upon the organization to choose. The costing will be sensible and intelligent in the event that you delegate specialists. With offices it will be charged more. In organizations additionally there is a further isolation, little offices and extensive offices, where the costing and the spending will again fluctuate.

  1. Span of development – Application development takes a particular time, yet it will be chiefly in view of the stages for which an application is readied. iOS has a superior client base and typically it requires less investment to set up an application for iOS. While for Android it for the most part takes 1 – 2 days to build up an applications. Engineers can’t be 100% certain about the client reaction. They typically expected to set up an application first for iOS, at that point abandoning it onto Android, in light of client’s reaction on the iOS platform. The financial plan and costing will profoundly change in view of term of the development of an application for a particular platform.

  1. Extra highlights – A particular application is composed and created with specific highlights, yet there can be more into it. Customers may very well have necessities of consolidating the highlights of at least 2 applications, which builds general costs of the application development. At that point they would buy one application with different highlights from at least one use of comparable class. A designer needs to alter the effectively inherent application. This is time and a costly issue too.

  1. Support and Maintenance – Even if the application is deployed, there must be a proceeds with necessity for support and maintenance after when the application is live. This help isn’t simply giving the bug free application, however toward the end, settling a particular issues emerging from utilization of the application. The cost estimation will for the most part be considerably higher considering this parameter.

Looking for a top mobile app development company in USA to build your custom app?

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Rapid Growth and Development in Indian Mobile App Industry

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Mobile applications have turned into an indispensable piece of our lives today. A normal mobile user in India would spend around 155 minutes on mobile applications consistently. This makes India the third biggest mobile application user on the planet.

Mobile application advertised in India, is developing at a quick rate, with no end coming into focus. This has expectedly made a blast in the number of inhabitants in mobile application developers. With the quantity of mobile applications hitting new heights in the market, the revenue created by the mobile application industry in general, has also escalated.

Mobile users in India have turned to mobile applications for huge numbers of their everyday activities. They utilize applications to associate and speak with their companions, read books, recharge their mobile phones, pay up their bills, make support exchanges, book hotels and flight tickets, buy items and much more.

It has not been too since a long time ago the Indian government thought of its demonetization strategy. This undertaking to decrease corruption, help development and shrink the dark economy caused a touch of bother to the occupants. They needed to remain for quite a long time in the lines at the ATMs; and there was no guarantee that they would get the cash, in spite of the fact that it was theirs. By the way, the outcomes were really astonishing…

  • More than 219 million individuals in India opened their bank accounts
  • Over 14 million banking apps were downloaded in India
  • There was a huge rise in the transactions made digitally

The continuous growth of mobile application designers and developers, a focused mobile market and the billion associations are a couple of variables that have prompted a mobile application insurgency in India. With the customer enthusiasm expanding, there has been a momentous lift in mobile applications identified with mobile wallets, managing an account, spending plan and basic supplies. The 3G and 4G mobile systems have empowered the 260 million odd advanced mobile phone users of India do their exchanges in a hassle-free manner.

With all components becoming all-good, it won’t be too ache for India to become the worldwide pioneer of Digital upheaval.

The telecom sector is ending up increasingly focused by the day…

The expenses of mobile phones are going down…

There is Wi-Fi network accessible at numerous public spots including railway stations, bus stations, air terminals, taxis, eateries and shopping malls…

Numerous Internet providers have risen in India to take into account the regularly developing interest for digital services.

The Indian Government is planning to come up with mobile apps that provide easy-to-access services at affordable prices. These government’s motive to build these apps is not only to stay connected with the public,  these apps additionally keep them refreshed with the most recent and offer them a chance to take part in the government initiatives.

In this way, regardless of whether you need to guarantee the cleanliness of the roads of your city or document a RTI, you can do as such through the Government of India application.

Here is a rundown of a top 10 famous mobile applications of India:

  1. Paytm: Paytm is an online installment application that is among one of the speediest in India. Aside from giving you a chance to pay your bills, it additionally offers an internet shopping knowledge. You can do numerous more things, for example, sending or accepting cash, paying up your protection premium and book taxis utilizing Paytm.

  1. MobiKwik:Like FreeCharge, MobiKwik additionally gives you cashbacks at whatever point you shop cashless utilizing the application. Aside from this MobiKwik encourages you discover transports, get data on ticket costs and courses and even pay for your adventure.

  1. Flipkart:Shopping need not tire with applications like Flipkart. You can search for anything you need, ideal from the solace of your home. The extra markdown that you get for shopping through the application makes it all the more fascinating and engaging.

  1. BookMyShow: Want to book a motion picture ticket? Download the BookMyShow application. You can likewise book your tickets for theater plays and different occasions occurring around you. The entire calendar of up and coming occasions makes it simple to book your tickets ahead of time. You will get quick updates with respect to the show timings.

  1. IRCTC:This application of Indian Railways makes it simple to book railroad tickets in India. You can likewise book elite visit bundles. Aside from railroad tickets, you can likewise book transport tickets and flight tickets.

  1. MakeMyTrip: The enhanced perusing knowledge, the select rebates, the prizes and the energizing travel bargains – these check with regards to making the MakeMyTrip application the most well known travel application of India. It makes travel arranging heaps of fun and totally bother free.

  1. Goibibo: Goibibo is another must-have travel application through which you can book flight tickets and lodgings. Presently every time any of your contacts book their tickets utilizing Goibibo you get the opportunity to win ‘goCash.’ You can utilize this ‘goCash’ to book your own particular ticket, at a later date.

  1. Gaana: If you are a music sweetheart, Gaana is one application that offers boundless access to Bollywood music and territorial melodies. By paying an ostensible membership of Rs.99 every month, you can download boundless tunes onto your gadget.

  1. Wynk: Wynk is Airtel’s own music gushing application with more than 2.5 million melodies. The gigantic music library offered by the application covers all classifications including Devotional, Rock, Pop, Party and Bhangra. In the event that you purchase a 3G or a 4G information pack from Airtel you can get a Wynk membership totally free.

  1. Shareit: A cross platform sharing tool which requires no mobile data. It’s over 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Share the photos, videos, audios and files of any formats with your friends at any time on your phone or computer.

The applications are easily accessible on your mobile and are available for download on app stores freely.

While 88.5% individuals in America are associated with the web, it is just 35% of the Indian population that use the internet.

Disregarding the undiscovered potential, the development that is going on in the business of mobile applications is something that is truly worth paying heed to. A huge number of applications are getting created to take into account the requirements of people, private ventures and the group on the loose.

Today, anybody in India can develop his/her own mobile application and gain by the nation’s consistently extending mobile market.

Looking for a top mobile application development company to build your custom app?

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Here’s why BrainMobi is among the best 10 mobile app development companies in India

Beacon App Company in Dubai

Platforms, Technologies and Languages that can drive the globe’s requirements need to be successfully tapped with the flawless process and full proficiency. And that is what we, at BrainMobi, strive to deliver. Being a new age and leading Mobile app development company, that renders cost-effective,  qualitative and top-notch application development solutions to serve a wide spectrum of customers across the world, we are expert in helping clients leverage the complete potential of essential mobile languages and platform for the business’s growth.

Mobile App Development – Leveraging Robust, Scalable and Cost-effective Solutions

We excel in harnessing the full potential of iOS and Android SDK platform, thus delivering robust, scalable and cutting-edge mobile application solutions. Our developed solutions and services help start-ups, mid-sized and enterprises and ensure value-added and exceptional services. Our built custom and innovative solutions are designed in order to meet our client’s business requirement, which in turn, results into seamless communication and tapping a wider market. Our developed mobile solutions are:

  • Easy to integrate & implement
  • Robust and highly scalable
  • Designed considering low-investment & high ROI

Our Top-notch Native and Cross-platform App Development Services

We believe in cost-effective, high-performance and client-centric solutions. And that’s why we have been delivering scalable, rich, strong, highly-customized cross-platform and native apps for brands and businesses. Our expert team of mobile app developers imbibes best tools and technologies to explore unlimited and flawless product development possibilities to bring forward a top-notch application platform, which is hybrid and runs over various multiple devices. Since inception, we have worked with clients across the world to meet their business requirements. And, that’s why we are successfully converting their business idea into exceptional, ground-breaking and highly engaging mobile apps of various business domains, verticals and spectrums.

Work with the best mobile developers in the Industry

We have a technically sound, experienced and proficient team of mobility experts that loves to take-up the challenges. As it gives an immense opportunity to develop and deliver market-leading solutions and services. We have a top-notch technical, functional and creative team, who is highly proficient and competent in working on the required APIs, develop scalable, desirable, robust, unique and business-centric mobile apps, which are tailored to enterprise industry standards.

BrainMobi believes in flawless communication with the clients and successfully incorporates the milestones in the project. We have created lots of mobile apps right from the simple content based management systems to intricate gaming software. After successfully launching the mobile app in the market, our proficient team works meticulously to introduce further improvements and enhancements depending on the specific client’s requirements. We excel in delivering cutting edge solutions and our proficient mobile app development services ensure that all concerns of the clients are instantly and promptly addressed. Bestowed with a team of top mobile app developers, we are successfully delivering solutions that meet client’s business requirements and expectations. And, that’s why we are among the Best Mobile App Development Companies in India.

Our developed Mobile app solutions are best-in-class in terms of quality and affordability. If you have a mobile app idea, we can help you in getting a viable solution – You can write us at for free assessment, cost & quote!


Partner with Leading Mobile App Development Company in India

Mobile App Development Company

In last few years, mobile apps have emerged rapidly and are practically meeting every user’s day to day need, thus, changing our lives. Today users are solely depended on their day to day activities for everything, be it news, finding directions, travel & tourism, ordering food, watching videos – thus meeting their each and every need.

According to Flurry, users are adopting smart phones and tablets approx.10 times faster than their embraced PCs. So, use of mobile apps is increasing day by day. Being a leading-edge mobile app development company in India, we at BrainMobi are working on over 50 successful projects under one belt. Since, we have created mobile apps of any intricacy level: be it award-winning B2C apps to big enterprise-level mobile solutions that has the capability to automate user-centric and mission-critical business methodologies and processes.

Our  proficient mobile app developers imbibes dexterous analysts, UI/UX experts and certified and skilled software engineers, who are technically well-versed in developing apps for all the major platforms including iOS, Android, or both. Mobile app can be built natively, or by using well-versed cross-platform frameworks and languages including React Native, PhoneGap and Xamarin.

Let’s take a look at the key areas of Mobile Development Expertise:

iOS App Development

Hire our team of proficient iOS app developers to develop enticing apps, customer-centric & enterprise-grade mobile solutions along with the engaging games.

Android App Development

We will help you develop ground-breaking, powerful and highly scalable Android apps that can meet your business challenges, entice users, and fortify your brand value and revenue, both.

Cross-Platform Development

We at BrainMobi can help you minimize your mobile app development, maintenance and support related costs through our cross-platform mobile apps that work flawlessly on iOS, Android, and more.

How you should work to make your Mobile App Development Projects successful?

By choosing the right approach to mobile app development, you can increase your success chances. Our mobile app developers are proficient in developing an agile, low-risk and low-maintenance mobile development projects.  We have a proven success record that ensures rapid results along-with the 100% success ratio. Being a customer, here’re a top five benefits that need to be expected:

Rapid and enhanced results

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business world, we need to reduce time to market stay ahead of competition. And, developers at BrainMobi emphasize on gradual increase in software development, apparent methodologies and rapid prototyping. And that means you’ll get results faster and efficient.

100% transparency and higher efficiency

Being a customer, you should always keep control and fully updated on your project status. Your suggestions and feedback is vital for continuous improvement of the solution you have developed. To ensure kink-free coding and flawless designs, our mobile app developers are share their daily status reports through conference or Skype calls, onsite visits and email updates, if required. And, that’s why we are recognized as the Best Mobile App Development Company in India.

Much improved quality

Our work process depends on continuous testing methodologies and procedures. And that means software bugs have been discovered and are fixed in early phase only. In order to maintain the quality throughout the app development project lifecycle, our each and every release and phase is thoroughly tested. And to work on the release properly, customer feedback is minutely and carefully composed to make the next version better.

Adding more business value and revenue

Our developed mobile solutions are feature-packed and are developed in order to serve users across the world. Additionally, requests and feedback are responded quickly and effectively, thus, ensuring the delivered product meets the stakeholders’ and clients’ needs.

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